This american espionage thriller directed by the veteran Kenneth Branagh starring Chris Pine has nothing new to offer.It sticks to the long tested usual thriller- action formulas.But the film is engaging neverthless.Kenneth does the usual by doing a pivotal role in the movie.This film is the fifth installment in the long dormant Jack Ryan franchise.Jack Ryan is a character created by Tom Clancy , and all the previous installments had been based on any of toms novels.But shadow recruit is not adapted from any novel for its based on a true story.And now that makes it engaging and different from the previous films.
Ryan is a marine lieutenant posted in Afghanistan where he gets severely injured on a helicopter crash.He goes through a lengthy rehab where he meets his future wife Dr Cathy(keira knightley) and Thomas Harper a CIA agent.Later Ryan is acquired by the CIA , as they are impressed with his good luck with complex patterns.
Then he is seen working at the wallstreet as undercover to sort out some suspicious financial transactions by some russian organisation headed by Victor Cheverin(kenneth branagh).Meanwhile ryans employer does buisness with cheverin and ryan finds out that certain accounts have been firewalled from him.Ryan then flies to Moscow for further investigation where he narrowly escapes from a murder attempt from his bodyguard.Ryan sent an sos and much to his surprise he finds out that harper is his backup.
Cathy who is now Ryans fiancee is convinced that he has another affair and secretly flies to Moscow to find out.Ryan then reveals that he is a CIA agent.Later Ryan and the CIA finds out that Cheverin used a flasified death certificate to place his son aleksandr in United States as a sleeper agent.
Ryan finds out the hideout of Aleksandr with his pattern recognition skills.Aleksandr was rooting for an attack at the wallstreet.Ryan kills him and save many innocent lives.Meanwhile Cheverin gets executed by co-conspirators at Russia.Ryan gets married to Cathy.Ryan and harper are called to the White House to see the president.
Chris Pine impresses as Jack Ryan.Keira Knightley is just adequate as the good looking girlfriend.But for me the limelight belongs to Kenneth who with his charismatic screen presence amused me in each frame.
Shadow Recruit despite of its long tested formula is a satisfying one time watch.

My Rating :6.5/10



  1. It’s a fine watch that doesn’t ask for much more than for you to have a good time, and you know what? I was fine with that all, mainly because it’s January and you know how crappy the movies can get during this time of the year. Good review.


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