Warm Bodies(2013)…Zombie movie with a difference!!


This is an american zombie rom-com written and directed by Jonathan Levine and stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles.

The film moves through a zombie named R. He is not just the typical zombie. He can think like a human and desperately wants to be one. Julie Girgio and group from the human enclave is out searching for the left out medicines.They get into an encounter with the zombies.R is among them.Once he sees Julie, he is instantly attracted to her. During the encounter R kills her boyfriend Perry and eats his brains.On eating his brains he gets his memory which strengthens R’s attraction for Julie. R saves Julie from the rest of the zombies.For a few days R manages to keep her to himself.Meanwhile Julie gets amazed and at the time comfortable with R.But one day R reveals  that he was the one who  killed her boyfriend.That night R sees a dream for the first time since he became a zombie.While he wakes up Julie is gone.

He is heartbroken.R’s  friend M informs that the boneys are searching for him and Julie. Boneys are  a much eviler version of the zombies.They are creepy and dangerous and moreover fast.R somehow manages to enter the human enclave and finds Julie.She is happy to see him again.Meanwhile the humans are ready for a battle with the zombies.Julie ,her friend Nora  and R try to convince colonel Girgio, Julie’s father and the leader of the survivors, that the zombies are changing.But the colonel refuses to admit it and threatens to kill R. Nora helps them escape.Julie and R Runs back to the zombie world. The zombies help humans fight the boneys. While escaping from the boneys R jumps with Julie onto a pool and takes the impact. But he is alive.They kiss each other.Colonel Girgiom sees this and shoots R in the shoulder.R starts bleeding.Julie reveals that the kiss has completely revived R. Because corpses don’t bleed. The colonel is convinced. The humans and zombies kill most of the Boneys while the rest simply  die off.Slowly the zombies get accepted to the human society.At the end, shows a  fully revived R and Julie watching a wall separating the human enclave and the zombie city being demolished, signifying the end of the apocalypse.

Unlike other zombie movies, this one executes a different treatment..The romance part between the Zombie and the pretty human girl, that could have terribly gone wrong, has been carefully crafted out. Nicholas had characterized zombie R with clinical precision. This is a  well acted and a well directed film. Altogether an entertaining zombie affair.But the film is not perfect.It defies our logic many times.But those are minor flaws and needs the least attention.

My Rating: 8


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