Black Swan(2010)

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Soon after the release Black Swan met with a lot of controversies for it’s disturbing nature.I myself found the film a tad disturbing.But it was okey dokey  with me.It’s a psychological  thriller film,  so it’s meant to disturb you.But the film is for sure not everyone’s  cup of tea.The weak hearts please stay away.And parents watch out for your kids.So whats so scary about this? Well scary is not the word i would actually use.There’s a lot of  difference between scary and disturbing.This film is disturbing and that’s mostly because of the bravura performance from Natalie Portman.I personally believe that Natalie’s portrayal as the troubled ballerina ‘Nina’ in this film, is the greatest performance by a female actor ever!!.Now i don’t know how many of you’ll frown on that, but that’s a very personal opinion.She just blew my mind.There’s no way she wouldn’t have kissed that golden lady at the academy awards.And there’s no way anyone else could have done that role even with half the convincibility  with she did it.Bravo!!And the film is so fantastically directed by the extremely talented Darren Aronofsky.And the cinematography is just top notch.

Black Swan is this amazing film about a ballerina Nina Sayers, practicing in the New York City ballet company.The company is planning to grace the season with the play Swan Lake.They also need a new Swan queen.Nina is desperately in need of that role.In fact the coach finds her perfect to play the white swan, but he needs someone who can play both the white and the black swans.He feels that she lacks the passion needed to portray the Black Swan.But Nina gets to be the Swan queen overcoming the likes of other ballerinas.This makes her vulnerable to the bullying of her fellow mates.And she finds herself a competent in Lily whom she thinks is trying to steal the role from her.This get things worse.Pressure piles upon her as the big day approaches.She gets to see creepy things.She even  faces her doppelganger(her evil double) many times.So finally in her big day she has an argument with Lily. Lily’s face changes  and now is a copy of Nina.And Nina has a fight with her doppleganger and stabs her with a piece of broken glass, when it was only herself she stabbed, but she doesn’t know.She’s imagining everything.This is revealed when Lily congrats Nina in the dressing room after her mind blowing performance as the black swan.That’s when she finds a broken glass stabbed in her stomach.She looses it and  goes to the stage for the final act.And after the last scene where the white swan falls off a cliff and die, the audience just go mad.The coach and the rest of crew run towards her  only to find a red wound spreading in her white swan clothes.And when the coach shouts “what did you do”. she says” i felt it..perfect was perfect” and the thunderous applaud closing in on her ears  and the screen fading to white…Bravo!!! That’s one of  the best climaxes i have ever seen.I would like to borrow her words to express my own feeling” I felt it.Perfect. it was perfect”…

Nina is a very complex and layered role.A character troubled by her doppleganger.She is raised by her mother who herself was a ballerina.Nina wants to be perfect.She deprived herself of all the joys in the world just to be a perfect ballerina.And that might have caused the trouble.She perhaps worked way too hard..Her dancing is technically perfect but lacked  a passion.And that’s when her coach asks her to touch herself.Later she has sex with guys in a pub after being rolled by Lily.Gradually she is letting herself go.Her evil and passionate persona that have been sleeping in her is finally awake.Now she is all ready to play the black swan.And in the final act when the white swan jumps off a cliff and die, Nina is dying for real.Perfection!!Take a bow for Darren Aronofsky!!

My Rating: 9



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