The Colony(2013)


The Colony is Canadian Science Fiction set in 2045, directed by Jeff Renfroe.And yet it feels like a 30 year old film ,because it lacks in creativity and ideas.Starring Laurence Fishburne,Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers  in important roles, the film  has nothing much to offer than their solid performances.But one thing that is worth appreciable  is that with a comparatively low budget  they were able to generate pretty decent  CGI ,that can match up to Hollywood standards.But that wont save the film from its plain and gloomy context.It is a science fiction, because the makers claim it to be one.But i seriously doubt it.There is nothing creative or worth mentioning in the whole movie.

The world is divided in to different colonies by 2045 ,due to extreme weather conditions..As it is said in the film, it started snowing one day and it never stopped.The whole world is covered in snow.No transportation,no weather regulating devices and no proper communication.Common cold and shortage of food are their worst nightmares.After receiving a distress signal from colony 5, Briggs(Laurence),Graydon and Sam(Kevin)  from colony 7 decide to show up, to see what is happening out there. Sam picks open a closed room to find  Leyland, who is scared to death.He shows them a message from a group of people who fixed a weather machine and have caused the snow to thaw.After exploring the rest of the colony, they jumped on to a group of Cannibals.Cannibals have already killed and eaten almost everyone in colony 5. And only Sam  made it back to his colony.But the Cannibals are behind him following the footsteps.The rest is all you can imagine.Sam, some good people and of course his girlfriend make it out alive from the scary cannibals.And they begin their journey to the thawed-out colony.

As I said, the film has nothing  to offer except for the decent CGI works and solid performances from its cast.Watch the movie, well if you feel like.And if you like it, my bad!!

My Rating: 5.5


4 thoughts on “The Colony(2013)

  1. I felt the same way about “Last Days on Mars.” I’m so tired of terrible horror films being passed of as ‘Sci-Fi.’ Where is the wonder? Where is the excitement? That’s what I look for in Science Fiction.

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    • exactly!..look at “2001: A space odyssey”…made almost 5 decades back, its still a cinematic marvel!!..or last years “Gravity”…and yeah I enjoyed watching “Edge of tomorrow”…i wanna watch films like these..but they are very rare..mostly i get to see cliched films like The Colony..anyway thanks for sharing your view..cheers 🙂


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