Lola rennt(1998)



This is a 1998 german language film directed by Tom Tykwer and stars Franka Potente in the title role of Lola.Lola rennt or Run Lola Run in english is a film which unfolds in three different storylines.This film is a cult favorite in Germany.

Lola is this flame haired freak who should run really fast through the streets of Berlin to get to his boyfriend Manni with 100,000 marks(german currency), to save him from Ronnie the drug dealer.Manni calls Lola from a booth and informs her that he has hardly 20 minutes to gather the money and that he plans to rob a nearby supermarket.And that’s when Lola promises to bring him the money and asks him to wait.Now the film is divided into three different runs of Lola, each run with a different outcome.As the first two runs end gloomy, she learn from her mistakes and make things right in the third run.

Franka Potente as Lola is very likeable.Being a flame haired punk freak doesn’t stop her being cute and lovely.The film explore different themes that are told in a very different and rare cinematic expression.This is definitely a modern classic despite the colorful and funky way it is picturised.The film sheds light on to the role of chances in our lives.If we are given one more chance,can we make our lives better?how many chances do we need before we can correct our mistakes?.It also deals with the butterfly effect.Because Lola’s  each run begin the same, but some small changes during  the coarse of run produces different outcomes or destinies.It is a fantasy, but it gives us room to think.Not many films give us that opportunity.

My Rating: 9/10


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