Man on a Ledge(2012)


Man on a Ledge is not a nail biting thriller.It has its moments  here and  there.But that’s all.Its right when they say that the film could have been better.Actually much much better.It couldn’t maintain the thrill quotient it had in the beginning.

Sam Worthington is Nick Cassidy ,an ex-cop and our man on the ledge.A planned escape from the prison, Nick Cassidy is all set to prove his innocence,which he lost when he was accused of stealing a diamond from David Englander(Ed Harris)  and was serving his time in the prison.Now he has escaped, does he have a plan?Yes he does..Is it credible? Fuck me…so does he have a plan b? Plan B? what the hell is that?..Now that’s where the movie fell flat.The whole plan of Nick’s is totally lame and relies mostly on destiny, even when he is not aware of that .While Nick is on the ledge, there is a parallel action going on in David’s high security building in pursue to find out the diamond, which Nick was accused of stealing.And yeah in the end  he proves himself innocent.All in a days work.Break a sweat.

As I already said, the movie thrills you in parts.But surprisingly, it manages to maintain the tension,even when nothing’s really happening.You hope for a great leap, but all you get is a slowdown to a lame conclusion.That said,this film is easily avoidable.But for all those who still haven’t watched, I wont stop you, because it after all doesn’t get you bored, because you are always in a hope that something great will show up on the screen, only to get disappointed at the end..

My Rating:6/10


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