The Grand Budapest Hotel(2014)


The Grand Budapest Hotel is a captivating film.A film that can uplift your moods and give you a sense of serenity.This is Wes Anderson’s best film so far and probably the best film this year as of now.That being said, I still haven’t watched the “Boyhood”, as I am hearing extremely overwhelming reviews for it.I look forward to watch it asap.

A well casted film, The Grand Budapest Hotel revolves around the lives of a few people associated with the hotel.It almost seems that the characters are straight out of a cartoon.So quirky and so interesting, as a Wes Anderson film always is.Doesn’t mean it’s childish, but it makes us smile like an innocent child.Wes was finally able to create the magic he did back in 1998 with the “Rushmore”.

Ralph Fiennes is one of my favorites.Monsieur Gustave H  is probably the most different role he have ever played and he did it with perfection.But the one who deserves the limelight is Tony Revelori, who gave life to the character of young Zero, a lobby boy.A very promising actor,I wish we get to see more from this young man.

A must watch…

My Rating:9/10


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