Dazed and Confused(1993)


This film will be right there at the top if I put up a list of  “The Most Underrated Films Ever”..And yeah it will also find a meaty position in my list of  “The best movies ever”..Quentin Tarantino  listed this one in his top ten movies list..That’s a great honor indeed…This coming of age high school comedy is directed by Richard Linklater and features an ensemble cast that include Mathew McConaughey,Jason London,Ben Affleck and many others..

There are a lot of characters in this film.Interesting ones..They  seem strange, yet very real..someone we can relate to…or relate to ourselves..Each one of us can identify with any of these characters  portrayed in this film..it may be one of your friends or yourself..That’s what is most appealing about this flick..This film let loose our nostalgic feelings..Those high school days you’ll never get back..memories of those days..your gang..crushs…first kiss and more…This film set in the summer of 1976  is the most realistic depiction of high school life  I have ever experienced..Various gangs of teenagers in their last day of school and the freshmen and the many events that occur that night  form the  basic plot..

The film also depicts the beginning of  the stoner culture in  America.And a truthful depiction of the then American society,teen society to be specific..All the characters are carved out with careful observations, that makes them perfect and close to real life..

Rory Cochrane’s  portrayal of Ron later, a crazy stoner is my favorite…A very funny and adorable performance…Even I could identify one of my friends in this character..and it felt so great..Sasha Denson as Don Dawson ,also did a fab job…infact this is a well directed and a well acted film..a cult classic..a must watch…

My rating :9/10



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