Sabotage is a decent thriller..but its a blood bath..lot of violence and hell lot of abusive language…But the good thing is, Arnold is back…yeah he does look  old as hell  with the wrinkled face and saggy skin around his tattooed arms..but nothing can wipe off his on screen charisma..we love seeing him kick some ass and fire the guns as if it has unlimited ammo..that’s what you exactly get to see in this one..

Directed by  David Ayer, Sabotage is a mystery ride concerning  some  DEA agents of  an elite squad under the special ops..Arnold plays John Breacher,the leader of the squad..he is in pursue of a drug lord who killed his wife and son.While the plot of the film has been put up decently,the characters portrayed in the film are a let down…especially the investigator “Caroline Brentwood” played by Olivia irritating..i don’t know if it’s just me..but I felt an awkwardness in that character..its not about Olivia’s about that character..

Performance wise, it’s an Arnold show all the way.He acts tough and rude just the way we like it..Mireilli Enos did a great job..she easily brought that vulnerability to her character..and Sam Worthington and everyone else had done well.

So in the end, Sabotage is not a great crime thriller, but one that certainly entertains you..And Arnold fans should see this one..

My Rating : 7/10


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