Trainspotting  directed by the academy award winner Danny Boyle is a modern classic.This is a British film set in the 1980’s with an economically shattered and miserable Edinburgh in the all comes in the picture..

A group of heroin addicts and their pathetic plight has been wonderfully shown in this flick..their thirst for more addiction..the restlessness they go through when they cant get it..its  so much depressing and scary..there are no heroes in this film..they are all evils..spoilt brats on drugs 24×7..the ones who drag back the culture and development…the good for nothing..they exist because they just do..a directionless life…they live for drugs…you can claim it as anti-drug or something..but i  believe it.,,this is happening…we can’t close our eyes against it’s a social apathy that needs prime attention.

Eventhough the film  may be disturbing for atleast some of us, it’s so  engaging and thoughtful…story of miserable lives told in a not-so miserable way…its funny, satirical and insane to the core…and this one is a well performed flick..very well performed actually..they performed as if they were on drugs for real..well,we don’t know that for sure..

My Rating : 9/10


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