Oldeuboi or oldboy  must be the most famous Korean movie till date..I can say that, because I haven’t seen or  heard of any other..Even as the movie nerd among my friends, when I was about to tell them about this  wonderful korean movie that i just watched..they had already seen it..fuck me..and even a remake has been done in hollywood with the same name..i haven’t got a glimpse of it yet..but i am sure it can’t get any near to this korean classic..

Oldeuboi is such a sensation and cult for a reason…a reason that is solid..it  evinces the most extreme human emotions..emotions like we have never seen or experienced… and everything supported by one of the most  spinechilling revenge stories ever told..a master craft  with perfect frames..most scenes in the film can be horrifying…but it feels so real..or you wanna believe its real..Oh Dae-Su(Choi Min-sik) is our man..a man kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years of his life in a room in absolute solitary, as a revenge for something he had done sometime…he can’t remember..then he gets released onto a rooftop…he is totally clueless about anything..he doesn’t even recall his name..now, how bad is that?..but he badly needs to find out the answers to all the questions..he acts totally crazy..downright insane..and his face mirrors the  weirdest of emotions..The film reveals itself  to different depths as each frame progresses…it’s disturbing….and most people would find a  hard time  to admit the film, for the brave content it displays…it has the weirdest of the scenes….bloody and violent…human emotions in its raw form..

As I said this film displays the most extreme human emotions…And that’s why Choi Min-sik deserves a standing ovation..the expressions that came and went through his face…its mind blowing..what a brilliant performer… i think it  takes a very talented actor to convey these kind of emotions, that’s just merely written on the script..hats off dude..and I hope to watch more of your works..

Weak hearts can keep a distance..and to others who still haven’t watched  “must watch mates”

My Rating :9.5/10


36 thoughts on “Oldeuboi(2003)

  1. I just recently watched both the original Oldboy and the 2013 remake for my summer movie list and I enjoyed both of the films, but the original is better. The 2013 version wasn’t bad and I liked the ending to it more. I’ve been trying to get my friends to watch this movie ever since.

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  2. This is so timely. I’m in this Korean movie phase and am looking for more Korean movies to watch. Last week, I finished As One and Il Mare ( there’s an English remake: The Lakehouse ). Last month, Miracle in Cell No. 7 made me cry.

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  3. A great blog post! I’ve never watched Oldeuboi before, but I think I will after your 9.5 / 10 rating!

    I think I’ll watch the original, as Hollywood always tries to recreate classic films, which never really captures the essence of the film in the same way, most of the time!

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