Hercules can pass for a one time fun ride..It has got some  well choreographed fight scenes,funny one liners, good work with the camera, decent performances, good graphics..But the awe factor is totally missing..

The first half is kinda boring.There’s not much happening..Its only towards the end of first half, you get to see some action.And the second half follows with much more activity..more fight scenes..one liners..and feels more engaging..But still there’s nothing in this film  to be  amazed about.Its like any other regular action flick..But Dwayne has somehow managed to elevate the film to be in between average and great.Thanks to his charismatic screen presence.

Hercules is made on a very shallow script..Brett Ratner  is a great director, no offence.But I felt he could have done better with this one.Its mainly about the initial half of the film, when it is a bit dull and boring..Atleast, including few more fight scenes would have made some difference.

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules is a good damn call..As someone rightly said, Dwayne possess one of the most striking screen personas of our time..A born star..He carries the entire film one his strong broad shoulders..And is the only reason, the film is something above an average flick.Regarding the rest of the cast, they have all done well..

So here’s a flick that can be entertaining, regardless of  some flaws  here and there..And fans of Dwayne Johnson shouldn’t miss this one..

My Rating :6.5/10


47 thoughts on “Hecules(2014)

  1. Thanks for the review. I wasn’t really planning on seeing this because it’s not my kind of movie but once it’s out I might just watch it because of Dwayne haha. I love him in movies he has such a presence on screen and love his range in character.

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  2. I was never too intrigued by this movie. Dwayne Johnson is a great casting fit for the role though but Brett Ratner is very much a hit and miss director. Thanks for the review.

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    • maybe you are right….i don’t think everyone would be able to enjoy this flick..as of me, i did but in parts…i even watched this one just for Dwayne..his screen presence is dynamic..


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