Enemy is Canadian psychological thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve and stars Jake Glynehaal in the lead.Its a story about a man divided between his two identities.The plot is a bit tricky,but i think  its not unusual for a Jake Glynehaal flick.He seems to appear in all these films with a tricky premise.But he pulls it off neatly.Even this film,scarce on entertaining ingredients, is powered by a controlled and subtle  performance by Jake.

Jake is damn good at handling these kind of roles, he had it proven in his second flick itself(Donnie Darko).This film deals with the theme of Doppelganger..Adam and Anthony are two physically identical persons but poles apart  in their characters.They are so identical that they even match in their scars.This can also imply that they  might be twins and was separated causing those scars on the side of the  ribs.But obviously as the film progresses we’ll know we are mislead.Films like these need thorough analysis upon watching.Picture become more and more clearer in each watch.Its like the metaphors hidden in a tough poem.There are a lot of metaphors in this one.Cobwebs and the spiders are the most visible ones.The webs represent the troubles or commitment we have in our lives.And the spider can mean your girlfriend or the society or anything that constantly questions you and make complaints on a regular basis..We are fed up of all the complaints and our commitments.We want to let go of everything.Confused to the core.We questions our own identity.

After the first watch,you’ll only be left with questions.There is the possibility that you can think in all the wrong ways..But its nothing..Adam and Anthony are the same person…Even we have Adam and Anthony in ourselves..So its basically about the fear implanted in all of us.Fear of commitments,career,relationships and all..Maybe reading  the book “The Double”(from which it is adapted) can ease it up a bit..But I can’t be sure since I haven’t read it..But try not to miss this one..Its may not be an easy watch, but an intellectual one..And  this film mostly belongs to Jake.A very compelling performance from this young and growing talent..

My Rating:8/10


30 thoughts on “Enemy(2013)

  1. I love psychological thriller movies! I am totally going to have to check this out!

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  2. It seem to trill, will see in future if time permits.

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  3. I love Jake Glynehaal. Would definitely watch this movie.

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  4. I am no good at these kinds of movies.. i get confused and i talk through the whole movie which my wife hates.. its only because i am confused and try to figure it all out.

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  5. Doppelganger themes are becoming famous. This looks like an interesting movie with a nice story line.

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    1. yes it is an interesting film..thanks..


  6. I like movies that leave me thinking about the state of myself, psychological thrillers are awesome at this. Thank you for the review, I will definitely watch

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  7. I get easily confused at these kinds of movies (ha). But I do love me some Jake Glynehaal. And I think that my husband would probably like this movie.

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    1. thanks…and yes if you are a fan of Jake, just give it a try..you’ll love it..


  8. Two of my favorite things in one (Jake Gyllenhaal & psychological thrillers)! How on earth did I not hear about this movie sooner?!

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    1. now you know..so give it a try and thank me later..


  9. Thank you for exposing this Canadian film. Canadian filmmakers have a very hard time getting word out about their movies because of the Hollywood engine.

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  10. That sounds like a suspenseful book. I love the cover.

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  11. Jake will be awesome, as usual 🙂 I was really scared of Donnie Darko in high school though. Sometimes I am afraid of PG-13 flicks lol. I will definitely watch this on video at home, so I can mute the “scary” parts.

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    1. there are not many scary moments in this one..actually none i can remember……thanks 🙂


  12. This looks like a very exciting film. I don’t like watching suspense movies, bette read the book first.

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  13. This sounds like something I would love to watch. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. I think you’re right, they did pick the right person for the part. Sounds like an intense movie.

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    1. yes he’s perfect…and yea the movie is pretty intense..thanks 🙂


  15. paulinasmiles16 August 13, 2014 — 7:08 pm

    I’ve never heard of this but it looks super good. Have to check it out.

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  16. I think this would scare the living daylights out of me! Great review though!



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  17. I had no desire to see this until you said that Jake was in it. Now I’m super intrigued

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  18. I haven’t seen this movie but my friends are raving about this movie and how good Jake Gyllenhaal was in the movie.

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    1. well your friends are damn right…thanks 🙂


  19. I LOVE Jake! I will see this just because he is in it!

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    1. who doesn’t right..he’s such a talent…thanks 🙂


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