The Next Three Days(2010)


A man’s undeterred faith for his wife makes him do the unthinkable.He is just a common man, a teacher in a community college.But this film  depicts how  impossible  a common man can get, when the security and future of his family is under question.Never underestimate the power of a common man it seems..

The film directed by Paul Haggis  and starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks as John Brennan and Lara Brennan, starts off pretty well.But the initial rush in adrenaline couldn’t  be maintained.A faltered  narrative and  lagging pace keeps us bored for most of the time.And then again  somewhere in between it catches our attention.Thus the film has us entertained in parts.But seriously this film could have been much much better, if a little more care  had been given to its narration.

Russell Crowe seems to be the greatest saving grace of this film.His screen presence is beyond doubt one of the greatest ever.All other artists have done their parts pretty well.And one thing I noticed is different about this crime thriller is that the focus is not given to the crime but something else.This film tells us the story of John Brennan and his extreme planning to get his wife out of prison and to go somewhere where they will not be chased by the locks of law and order.So there’s basically no digging after the crime for which Lara Brennan is locked  in, until the climax.And in the climax we are fed that Lara couldn’t have done that crime and shes innocent after all.

My Rating: 7/10


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