Deliver Us From Evil(2014)


Okay.First things first.There’s no denying the fact that this one is real scary.So it kind of serves the purpose of its genre.But overall its disappointing.

So lets see what went wrong.Mostly its the script.A poorly written script that lacks any kind of credibility.Dialogues are the scariest part of the film..If its just scare you want,I  would suggest you to watch something else from your horror collection than watching this half baked boring flick.The makers claim this film to be inspired from the actual experiences of the New York sergeant Ralph Sarchie, who now is a demonologist.But I seriously doubt that if the events shown in the film had been real, would be any more interesting than the film itself.Because it’s so lame to be real.

Scott Derrickson’s previous flicks like the “Sinister” or “The exorcism of Emily Rose” were much better flicks.Because they had  good ,credible and well written scripts.Deliver us from evil  has some interesting underlying themes that would have made for a compelling watch, had it not been ruined by this poor script.

What really saves this film  to an extent  is its top notch cinematography and  a riveting performance from Eric Bana as the tough New York cop Ralph Sarchie.Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez plays the character of  Mendoza,an unconventional priest.Unconventional because he’s well built,drinks alcohol,smokes cigarettes and is kinda hot!!.Though he seemed out of depth in a few scenes,didn’t do any bad to ruin the total outlook of the character.And the rest of the cast has done pretty well too.

My Rating: 6.5/10


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