Nebraska is simply beautiful.Its not an out and out  fun ride nor an emotional burst out,but a simple, real and a feel good flick.

Alexander Payne directed this film, who had also directed critically acclaimed films like “The Descendants”, “Sideways” and  “About Schmidt”.The Descendants is my personal favorite for many reasons.But in fact  ‘m  inclined to say that the director was able to recreate the magic he did with The Descendants, to some extent  in Nebraska too.The sense of poignancy, if any, in Nebraska, comes out mainly due to the helplessness of the aged Woody Grant.Apart from that, Nebraska is mostly kind of unsentimental.But that helps give this film a different edge altogether.And the whole movie is in black and white, probably a move to keep the film deglamorized and free from cliches.

Nebraska is a road movie.But most importantly its the tale of a father-son relationship.People who have their aged  and helpless parents to take care of, can relate to this film in a deeper level.Its perfectly true when they  say, people become more like kids when they approach the old age.Kids are stubborn and so are the old ones.Our parents would have probably gone through a lot of  sacrifice and pain raising us.So we have a responsibility to be with them, when they need us the most.

This father-son duo  is one of the best  I’ve ever seen.The way David Grant(Will Forte) takes care of his  aged father  would put most of us to shame.David  gets to know more about his father through this journey.And  this son, though doesn’t have a million bucks to his credit, stands up to fulfill his father’s fantasy.And the director  has successfully established one of the most beautiful onscreen father-son relationship, through this simple unsentimental  flick.

There are films that cause tear drops to roll down your cheeks and there are films that are funny as hell, that you can’t stop laughing.But then there are films that make you smile.You feel relaxed and relieved of all the pain and worries of your life.We take a moment to dig out similar events from our life.A sense of tranquility hits us.That what this film does to you.

Alexander Payne,without an ounce of doubt is one of the best directors out there now.His films have human emotions in the purest  form.Each one of us can relate with the characters  in a personal level.Bruce Dern gives us the performance of a life time as Woody Grant.I can’t get any words to express this mind blowing performance. Oscar worthy, would be an understatement in itself.Wow, just wow.Someone else who very much impressed me is Will Forte.David Grant was perfectly safe in his hands. Such a perfect fit, that I can’t imagine anyone else doing  that role.

My rating: 9/10


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