Exodus:Gods and Kings


Ridley Scott, through his epic shows us a Moses unlike we know from the books and he seemingly tried to bring a scientific explanation for all the mythical events.It’s like stripping the eventful story of Moses from all its glory and making it more logical and real.Is it good?Not sure, but is debatable.

One thing that really struck me is the characterization of god.A kid!.I didn’t see that coming.May be to justify the terrific things he do, for a good cause of course.But does god’s ways need a justification.

Visual effects are top notch.Its probably the most attractive element of the whole film, which is otherwise too shallow.There’s not much going on in the film.Boring at times, most of the time actually.

Christian Bale is wasted in the role of a confused Moses.It was not at all  demanding for this immensely talented actor.And this is not the kind of role we would want to see him in, ever.

The film lacks any depth in the story or even in the action sequences.God does most of the action.For those who expect to see Bale kicking some ass, this is gonna be a complete let down.He looks all baffled and out of the context..



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