Pitch Perfect 2


So the Barden Bellas are back! Excited? But hey, don’t get your hopes high if you still haven’t watched it yet. At first I thought I would just have to copy paste my review on Pitch Perfect. It’s essentially the same. But then I realized it’s not. Usually the sequels for films as such is a bit glorified, but still the same. This one is no different. So why do they continue to do films like these? Food for thought! I pondered  about it for sometime and came up with a self satisfied conclusion. I realized how I adored the Pitch Perfect. That was the first time I really really liked Anna Kendrick on screen. She was good and so were others. Interesting characters! It’s true that most of us couldn’t get enough of the film. That’s why we have sequels for films like these. That’s why we had ‘Mean Girls 2’. But it didn’t quite really workout. Most times it wont. But even when I started on a disappointing note, I cant really say the same about Pitch Perfect 2. Somehow it works, even if it’s not in par with the predecessor!

The story of Pitch Perfect or Mean Girls are fully told to the conclusion. There’s not anything new to add to it. And as much as you try to make something new out of it, you eventually mess it up. That’s why the sequels for such films are a bit glorified but essentially the same. Even when we ask why do this film have a goddamn sequel, we know we wanted it. We asked for it because like I said earlier, we couldn’t get enough of it. And  a Pitch Perfect 3 is in the making. Thanks to the overwhelming  box office collections!

Pitch Perfect 2 works on the same level as the predecessor. It’s okay to feel deja vu sometimes. But it’s fun nevertheless. Thanks to Fat Amy(Rebel Wilson) . She still remains the most entertaining part of the Barden Bellas. Anna Kendrick is awesome as ever. My love for her has only increased since the franchise. I would love to see more of her on some even more significant mainstream films. Hopefully  I wouldn’t have to wait all long for Pitch Perfect 3 to see her again!

My rating: 6.5/10


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