12 Angry Men(1957)


12 Angry men is an american drama film directed by Sidney Lumet.For a film whose 93 minutes of the total running time of 96 minutes set inside a single room , may sound boring and daring at the same time.Well if you thought so you are terribly wrong.Here’s a film which is a masterpiece and easily one of the best films ever made.Period.Its almost unbelievable they  came up with such a daring and brilliant attempt  in those days.!!

Its an  herculean task to write a review  on a film like this.Its just that i feel like a nobody to generate an opinion on this marvelous piece of art.That’s it, its a flawless piece of art.There’s nothing wrong with this film, not a single thing.Each frame is perfect.So consider this not as a review but my admiration note on this beautiful work.

A hispanic slum boy is acquitted  of killing his father.The judge appoints a jury to reach an unanimous decision on whether the boy is guilty or not and informs them that a guilty verdict will send the boy right into the death chair.The jury of 12 men retires to a room to reach a  decision.As its customary, a preliminary vote is done.11 men raised their hands on guilty except one.As no names are mentioned in the film each jury member is recognized by their number.(Juror 1- 12).So when the preliminary vote is done Juror 8 played by veteran Henry Fonda  voted not guilty.Apparently most of the jury is not happy  on this because if all the 12 votes were guilty they could very well end this jury right there and get the hell out of the room.Juror 7 and  juror 10 were the most annoyed.Juror 7 has tickets for a baseball game  and Juror 10 is cemented on his view that most people from slum are likely to commit crimes.But juror 8 was not ready to give up on the boy.He just wanted to talk it out.

Then the film passes through several  mind blowing and defining moments.After each vote juror 8 managed to change someones mind.He did that with his convincing analysis on the murder circumstances and airing out the flaws in the existing  buildup on the case.Finally the vote stands at 11 men for not guilty against one.Juror 3 played by Lee J. Cobb is so stubborn on his decision.He is so restless and is mostly shouting like a mad man. Every other jury member has already been annoyed by the mad act of juror 3.Juror 3 gives a long string of arguments, finally stating  “Rotten kids, you work your life out”. Juror 3  angrily tears up a photo of himself and his son,and suddenly breaks down crying and changes his vote to “not guilty”, making the vote unanimous.This reveals that he had had a poor relationship with his son, and his anger over this fact is the main reason that he wants the defendant to be guilty.After the jurors leave the room juror 8 helps juror 3 with his coat as an act of sympathy or well say compassion. The film ends when  juror  9 and juror 8 exchange their names and they step out of the court premises to enter their individual lives.

This is a well acted and well directed film.Each of the 12 men has given out a convincing  performance.But  Lee J. Cobb walks away with the cake . His act as an angry restless man is spell bounding .His act is so good that i just wanted to kill him throughout the film.Also Henry Fonda’s  charismatic screen presence is a treat to watch. Another commendable performances are from  Ed Begley and  Joseph Sweeney  in their acts as juror 10 and juror 9 respectively.

For those who haven’t watched the film yet, please  don’t miss this.This could be one of those films that you need to watch before you die.Its as simple as that.

My Rating :  9.5/10