The Bling Ring(2013)


This is an american black comedy crime film directed by the much acclaimed Sofia Coppola. Written and produced by Sofia herself, the film is based on a real world crime ring called the Bling Ring. The film features an ensemble cast including newbies Israel Broussard, Katie Chang & Claire Julien as well as Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga.

Bling Ring were a group of seven teenagers based in California, who burglarized the homes of several celebrities, notably Paris Hilton. The film is based on them.  Paris Hilton has done a cameo in the  film. Even her house has been utilized for shooting the burglary scenes. Marc Hall(Israel)  arrives as a new student at Indian Hills High School. He is befriended by  Rebecca Ahn (Katie). Later Marc gets to be friends with  Nicki (Emma), her adopted sister Sam (Taissa), and Chloe (Claire),who are friends with Rebecca. These fame obsessed teenagers start to burglarize the houses of celebrities at the Hollywood Hills. Marc usually finds the address on the internet and they perform the crime while the celeb is out  for  some party or something like that. Marc and Rebecca started the habit by breaking and entering into Paris Hiltons’ house. They chose Hiltons’ house mostly because they thought she was dumb. She kept her key under the doormat, but usually the door would be unlocked. Later they looted Megan Fox,  Orlando bloom and her girl friend Miranda Kerr and Audrian Patridge.

A news report releases captured cctv footage from the crime at Audrina Patridge’s home. This doesnt stop the group and they  instigate a burglary at the home of Rachel Bilson .Word spread among the social circles.The girls  bragged about robbing Paris Hilton and other celebs at parties.They would  even post pictures on facebook  boasting the stolen items.

News reports of the Hollywood Hills burglaries intensify, with the media labeling the group “The Bling Ring”. CCTV from several robberies in addition to the evidence on social media allows authorities to identify the group. Police arrest Marc, Nicki, Chloe, Rebecca, Rob, and Ricky. A vanity fair journalist interviews Marc and Nicki. Nicki says in the interview that she just got to hang out with the wrong group .The Bling Ring is ultimately prosecuted, receiving varying amounts of jail time and is ordered to collectively pay millions of dollars in restitution for the stolen items.

The group serves its jail time. Nicki got the shortest jail term. Later, Nicki is on a talk show talking about her time in jail, and reveals that her cell was next to Lohan’s. With the confidence from her new found notoriety Nicki announces her new website that talks about her life after the Bling Ring.

The Bling Ring is by far one of  Sofia’s lowest rated films. Sofia has made an attempt  in viewing the real life bling ring  objectively. But for most part the film plays like a documentary. It lacks emotionally. But has succeeded in depicting the real events to  a make belief format.Emma Watson has given out a stellar performance.Rest of the cast has been good.

My Rating : 6.5