Stand Up Guys(2012)


This is a  crime comedy directed by Fisher Stevens and starring veterans Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin.The film is easily forgettable if it’s not for the on screen charisma of  these guys.They still got it with nothing less than as it were in the past.

The film is about  three friends and former hitmen Val,Doc and Hirsch. Val(Al pacino) is back after 28 years of doing time for an accident that killed his boss’s son.He reunites with his best friend Doc(Christopher).Meanwhile Doc has been appointed by a still-vengeful boss to kill Val as soon as he is released.Doc asks the boss for some extra time to do the job.So now he has till next morning to do Val.What follows is a an eventful and exciting night just like their old times.Val gets to get high and have sex and they rescue Hirsch from and old age home.Hirsch drives a stolen car like in the Fast and the Furious.Even Hirsch dies a natural death that night and Val and Doc along with Hirsch’s daughter  buries him in a plot he owned.The next day however Doc is not able to kill Val, as their friendship is still strong and loyal just as in the old times.So they get dressed up in a tuxedo and head up to kill the boss in Old School style.

Its a treat to watch the legends together on the screen.Al Pacino can never go wrong on the screen.He is charming and witty.Alan in his limited screen presence did what is adequate.But there’s something special about Christopher Walken in every film he shows up.You simply can’t hate this man.He plays it quiet and calm and yet you don’t question him being a hitman.

The film despite its cliched storyline is witty and enjoyable.Thanks to its lead actors.They elevated the film like nothing else.So go for it if you like to see these guys kicking some ass for the old times sake.I am sure none of you’ll get bored.Cheers.

My Rating : 7.5