Dawn of the planet of the apes(2014)



This is a sequel to the 2011 science fiction Rise of the planet of the apes and the eighth film in the Planet of the apes franchise.Directed by Matt Reeves , the film stars Gary Oldman,Andy Serkis,Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and many others.

This film is set ten years from its prequel.The virus obviously has wiped out the entire human race from earth.Its the apes now along with the other animals in the wild.Apes like nothing we have ever seen or known.This could be our worst nightmare.Apes that can talk, apes that can ride horses ,what more you need to shit in your pants!!But no ,we are the mostest bad-ass creatures in the whole damn world.Nothing can wipe us out, let alone a virus.So here we are ,few thousands of them living  with hope in a  scavenged building.Then the apes and the humans find out each others existence..Then there is a war between the humans and the apes and between the apes.

The film is entertaining and it is spectacular with stunning visuals.Graphics are great.But the 3D effects are a let down.The apes in this film, have evolved to a stage where they are not much different than humans, except the looks, the dress or the inferior vocabulary.And that is scary.Just like with the humans, different emotions are displayed by the apes.There is love, anxiety, vengeance,fear and even betrayal.”Apes not kill apes” is something they say with their limited vocabulary, and there are many more other one liners too.

I liked this one better than its prequel.There is much more happening in this one .There is more action and emotion.Andy Serkis is exceptional as Ceaser, the king of the apes.Toby Kebbel as Koba ,the villainous ape is very convincing.Jason Clarke has done a pretty decent work .Gary Oldman in his yet another sidelined  role, is as great as always.He is one of my favorite actors.But what  a shame.He deserves better than these sidelined and short roles.A man of his calibre, should be utilized more.He is definitely one of the greatest actors  of  our time.

My Rating : 8.5/10