Moneyball was a strong contender for the academy awards that year with 6 nominations, including the  best picture and actor…but none of them won..I was so disappointed and I still is.Whenever  I google something about this movie, all I see is “one of the best baseball movies ever” or “one of the best sports movie ever” or “could it be the greatest  sports movie ever made” and blah blah blah….but for me, its not just another great sports movie, but one of the finest films ever made.Just like that.

Brad Pitt is without an ounce of doubt, one of the greatest actors of our time.I think he is the one more eligible than Leonardo DiCaprio,to be associated with the oscar joke.Some of you people may strongly disagree..but its my personal it be the role in the “curious case of benjamin button” or “the moneyball” or the “twelve monkeys”…he was each film, this man gives his 100 percent..give the man a fucking oscar already!!.I am outraged by this negligence..I watch brad pitt movies, just to see his performance.

Moneyball is so close to my heart.A very touching and beautifully crafted film.Brad Pitt as “Billy Beane” is a class act.His histrionics and acting nuances elevates the character and make it so real.Voice modulation, body language ,everything is perfect.Oh god I love this man.!.

Moneyball is based on a book by some author, which is based on real events.Billy Beane is a real life character, who was a former baseball player and later the GM of Oakland Athletics.The movie shows his time in Oakland A’s ,when he was the GM.This is a very different sports film in terms  of many things.In fact, I don’t like this film to be labelled as a sports movie.It more than that.It is excellent film making.A film for everyone, even for those who hate to watch sports movies.It may not have a feel good ending..But it is so real, not just that it is based on facts..but the way it s told.And I cant wind it up without appreciating Jonah Hill.He is just great in his role of a nerd graduated from the  Yale.He is a damn good actor for sure.

My Rating: 9/10