Natural born killers(1994)


One word…insaneee!!!

This is one of the craziest movies  ever made..but i am not sure whether i like it or sure kept me engaged throughout…but i am still clueless about  what the movie represents or its intention at all..i donno if i am missing something…

Screenplay by  Quentin Tarantino and direction by Oliver stone..thats a deadly combo there..but it didnt work out the way  as expected..It is extremely violent ,chaotic  and insane.Natural born killers takes on the celebrity-obsessed society of america with a bitter satire.A weird tale of a couple who goes on  killing spree across the, no regrets at all..they enjoy killing..they are made for each other..then there is this desperate american society cheering for this mass-murder couple and the  hungry tabloid media on a run to exploit the opportunity.Its a vicious circle.

This film has Woody Harrelson and Juliet Lewis as the notorious couple.Woody is at his best in the movie.Robert Downey, Jr  is picture perfect as the quirky and weird journalist…But Tommy Lee Jones got me by a surprise..i donno how anyone could have imagined him for that role in the first place..but  whoever it was, he deserves an was a perfect decision..Tommy Lee Jones has never been over the top and foul mouthed prison warden and Tommy Lee one would have seen that coming…but i liked what i saw..

Upon release the film met with divided critics..some claiming it to be mentally exhausting and extremely violent and unreal..and others hailing it as a modern classic and a true portrayal of modern american society and media…And  here i am sandwiched between the two views..i don’t think the tag ‘unreal’  really stands..because this film is meant to be a satire and  for that matter, a damn good at that one..and also  there have been more violent ‘classic’ films..But i am not quite satisfied with  the way the film was way too blatant..i mean, the film  just has no point to hold up..also i see a little similarity with  ‘No country for old men’..both the films deal with a similar theme but execution was different..and that made all the difference..No country for old men is  excellent film making..

Natural Born Killers however excels in its technicality and cinematography.Documentary-style black-and-white, surveillance video, and animations here and there get you engaged for sure..But at the end ,there could be trouble finding the motto of the questions our morality..I think if Quentin had directed  the film, it would have been better..

My Rating: 7.5/10