Le Nom Des Gens(2010)

le nom des gens

Le Nom Des Gens, translated as The names of love  is a 2010 french language film directed by Michel Leclerc and stars Sara Forestier  and Jacques Gamblin in the lead.This is a very enjoyable romantic comedy which is well directed and beautifully acted.The film is semi-biographical  and mostly focuses on the lives of two people.The film also sheds light in to the society and politics  of  a  culturally diverse France.The film criticizes the conservative muslims and give us an insight to the  difficulties faced by the immigrants.

Baya Benmahmoud(Sara Forestier)  is this eccentric,attractive and a  free-spirited young woman ,who is also a left-wing activist.Sex is her tool.Yes you heard it right.She seduces and sleeps with the  the right-wing activists and conservative muslims, to convince them to join her assimilationist cause.And yes it works, because she is attractive, smart and hardly resistible and is willing to sleep with anyone without an  ounce of hesitance.But there is a change of course after she meets  Arthur Martin(Jacques Gamblin).

Arthur Martin is the antonym of Baya  Benmahmoud.He is quiet and gentle.He is an ornithologist.And ornithology seems to be the most suitable job for his subdued character.An ornithologist is by the way someone who  studies every aspect of a bird.Weird right?.His life is dedicated to birds literary, until he meets Baya and gradually falls in love with her.

Sara Forestier has given out a bravo  performance.A role that could have gone wrong , even in the light of a little carelessness, was totally safe in her hands.Jacques Gamblin  is a seasoned actor for sure.A very mature and subtle act, where he underplays his emotions, which is a very difficult task to pull of.Hats off to him.

This is one hell of a love story.Two people, extremely diverse in character and view point, fall in love with each other,despite their differences.What do you call it? love?or one of its kind?I think “The names of love” is the most apt title for this classic romantic comedy.I haven’t  watched many french films.But watching this one, makes me want to watch more.

My Rating: 8.5/10