01-non-stopWhy should you watch this film? Because its a Liam Neeson film.This man has something for us each year.But we quite missed him last year.But hey, he is back with this  high-on-adrenaline  thriller set almost entirely on an airplane.

Yes, the film rely on a cliched  storyline.But who cares if its thrilling and has Liam Neeson kicking some ass. Logic? Fuck logic.Its racy and entertaining as hell for all I care.You don’t need to expect much from a Liam Neeson starrer.A cliched plot? who cares..Give the man some cool stunts and punchy dialogues to spit out.That’s all he needs.That’s all we need.Liam Neeson is that kind of an actor who can entertain us with his charismatic and stylish screen presence and his deep commanding voice.And it all began with the “Taken”, which he did when he was 56.And look at him now, he is the god of B-movies.

Liam Neeson, in this film dons the role of Bill Marks, a U.S.federal air marshal.He is aboard a non-stop New York-London flight, when he starts receiving threatening text messages  from an anonymous passenger on the same flight via his secure phone connection.And now he is on pursue to find this threat which leads to unexpected outcomes,causing the passengers on the flight to believe that he is hijacking the plane.And yeah,finally Bill Marks saves the day, when it is only Niam Leeson who made our day.We love you..

A racy and entertaining thriller.You’ll love it..

My Rating:7.5/10