Safe House(2012)


Yet another CIA  film, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, directed by Daniel Espinosa.So what keeps them minting out more and more CIA films every year.Because we love them.The whole thing, the CIA, undercover,spy whatever..its super cool.So Safe House, even though a little fragile on its script,is high on octane and engaging.

Tobin Frost played by Denzel washington is ex-CIA undercover  turned an international criminal and is carrying data that can put many corrupt CIA officials in danger.He surrenders himself to the American Consulate in South Africa,to escape from the attacks led by Vargas, who is in pursue of the data.Tobin is transferred to a safe house  for interrogation.Matt Weston is  a young CIA agent and is  the “housekeeper” of this very  safe house .Then as usual, Vargas and his men attack the safe house killing everyone except, you know, Tobin Frost and Matt Weston.Now it is very crucial that Matt should not let Tobin escape, to get a  higher posting than being a  mere housekeeper.But that’s not easy. Tobin is a legend,as it is said in the film.Then there is car chase, fights ,shootouts..all to keep you engaged.Meanwhile, Tobin and Matt starts to develop respect for each other, despite their totally diverse viewpoints.And in the final shootout ,before he dies, Tobin passes the data to Matt and tells him “You are better than me”.Matt then submits the report to the Deputy Director Harlan Whitford.He asks him to edit out the parts from the report that can defame the image of CIA, but promises him with promotion to an undercover agent.And he inquire about any data carried by Tobin, revealing that Harlan itself is a corrupt official.Matt denies of knowing any data  and then later leaks the data to the media.

Power packed performances from Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds keep the movie afloat  despite  its wafer thin script.Denzel Washington is a treat to watch.He always is.The very nuances that he adds to the character, its priceless.Unarguably one of the best actors of our time.Its a tough job letting your presence known in the screen, when you have Denzel Washington alongside, giving out a stellar performance.But Ryan did a great job, matching up with Denzel.He is subtle and natural.And he seems to be getting  better with each film.Good for him..

My Rating: 7/10