Knocked Up(2007)


It’s a 2007 romantic comedy film directed by Judd Apetow starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl in the lead.I watched this film for Seth Rogen because i like this guy.He is funny, witty and talented.I have watched all his works till date and just look at them..This is the end, pineapple express or neighbors…they are all so damn funny and hilarious.There’s no way you can’t laugh at his jokes.I’m a believer.In Seth Rogen We Believe!.And i’m brazing myself up for his next “The Interview”It all seems very interesting.Trailers are exciting and already funny…Wooh..can’t wait..

So guys about Knocked up.. this is a story about a slacker and a media personality..they get into a one night stand after being drunk ,maybe a little too much.The slacker skips the condom part as he misunderstands the phrase “do it already” by the lady.They have sex.Everything’s fine.For 8 weeks there has been no contact between them.He is back to smoking weed and chilling out with his fellow stoners.She is doing  great with her job.Everything’s fine until she finds out she’s pregnant.She calls him and tells him that she’s keeping the baby.They meet.He agrees his full support.The rest is all you can imagine.

As you can see the storyline has nothing much to offer.Its even a little shacky at times.But the film is funny as hell.I laughed my brains out.Seth Rogen is incredibly funny and convincing  as the easy go stoner cum slacker.Adding to the charm is Jonah Hill and team.Katherine Heigl excels in her role as a confused woman who gets pregnant in a one night stand.And Leslie Mann is funny as usual.Not to mention that she is so hot!!.Its awkward adult jokes mostly,but it made me laugh.I enjoyed the film while it lasted.

So that’s about it..a great one time watch..Skip your tensions and enjoy this laugh riot.In Seth Rogen We Believe.

My Rating: 7.5


This Is The End(2013)

1170481 - The End Of The World

This american comedy film marks the directing debut of  the writer duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.The film boasts of an attractive star cast that includes James Franco, Jonah Hill,Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen himself .Channing Tatum,Rihanna,Michael Cera and Emma Watson did a cameo.The most interesting thing about the film is that the cast has acted as the fictional characters of themselves.

Seems like apocalypse is the new way to set the cash counters ring.”At the worlds end” , a british film released almost in congruence with this film dealt with a similar topic with the same exact treatment.The film was a blockbuster.I am yet to write a review on that.But for now moving on with the film on focus.This film is about a few friends or rather say colleagues from hollywood.Seth Rogen and jay baruchel are very close friends.Jay  arrives at Los Angeles to meet his friend and fellow actor seth rogen.They crash at Seths’ modified place.They smoke some pot.Dance to backstreet boys.Later Seth takes Jay to James Franco’s house warming party.Jay firstly opposes.Jay is portrayed as an anti social character.Jay feels very uncomfortable  at the party.Also at the party are Emma Watson,Jonah Hill and  Craig Robinson and many more celebs.Jay doesn’t like the ways Jonah behaves with him.He doesn’t like James Franco either.Later Jay and Seth goes out to get some cigarettes.When they are at the shop weird things happen.Some kind of earthquake.Jay sees blue lights from the sky sucking people up.Jay and Seth somehow manage to reach back at jamess’ place.A gigantic sinkhole is formed at the lawn of  the fortress.Many celebs including Rihanna  fall into the hole.Jay, Seth,Craig,James and Jonah survives.They crash at James house.They gather the remaining food.Next morning they  wake up to Danny McBride eating their food.He was not invited to the party.He is arrogant and irritating  throughout the film.Infact most characters are portrayed as selfish and stubborn.Jay believes that the judgement day has arrived and only the good ones are being sucked up to the sky.Seth,Jonah,Craig or James are not so in agreement with Jay.Eventful  things happen.Later they are convinced about the apocalypse that is happening around.One of the most hilarious moments is that of ‘The last exorcism of Jonah Hill’ who has been possessed by the demon.The exorcism turns bad and Jonah ends up dead after being caught in fire.

Later the group discover that they still got a chance to get saved if they sacrifice for others.Craig gets saved first.Jamess’ try to get saved fails and he ends up dead.But Jay and Seth manage themselves to sacrifice each other and get saved.They are sucked up to the heaven.At the golden gate to heaven they are welcomed by Craig, who is now an angel.Once they enter the heaven Craig says that they can have anything they desire.Jay  wishes for backstreet boys.And the film ends in backstreet boys performing their “Everybody” and the whole of the heaven dances to it.

The film is totally insane.This is one of the craziest comedies I have ever seen.This profanely funny film can  knock- your- socks -off.Its highly energetic and imaginative.

Performance wise Seth,Franco and Craig did their job well and neatly.But for me Danny McBride and Jonah Hill did the magic.They both were amazing. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have proved their potential in direction.Lets hope that this is not the end.

My Rating: 8.5