This is an american biographical drama film based on the life of the legendary Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad appears as Steve Wozniak.The movie is being directed by Joshua Michael Stern.

To make a  biographical on Steve Jobs is not easy. He, as we all know is a modern icon, a brilliant business man and  a creative thinker. He is the man behind the sensational tech firm “APPLE” .He is a cult figure. So the movie is persumed to satisfy Steve’s fan base around the world , which is incredibly huge. But upon release the movie bombed at the box office. It was universally panned by the critics.They unanimously said that Steve jobs deserved  better. Only a few ,very few for that matter gave the movie a positive review. And I am glad at least some did. Because i thoroughly  enjoyed the film from the very beginning to the end. While I’m not sure about the historical accuracy of the film, as some reviewers claimed it to be inaccurate , the film is beautifully captured. I understand that its important for a biographical film to be right on its facts. But as a movie it surely delivers , well at least for me it does. The movie tells the life of Steve, from his days at the Reed College in 1974 to the introduction of  ipod in 2011. The film initially focuses on  his spirituality and the influence of LSD’s upon him. He travels to India in seek of the deeper meaning of life. He is particularly interested towards calligraphy, while at the college.There is a moment later in the movie that depicts the influence of calligraphy, where he argues with his crew to add different fonts on the word software that they had just developed. The film exposes an ambitious but at the same time an empathic  and selfish Steve. He is rude towards his girlfriend. He refuses to bear the responsibility for her child. The only thing that matters to him, is his ambitions and himself. At some point in his life he stops valuing his friendship and the beautiful yesteryear memories he has had. He is being dropped from the Apple.He starts a family. Thrivingly builts up the tech firm “NeXt”. Later , recalled to the Apple to save it from a near bankruptcy. He is much more matured and calm now. It seems that he has finally found the inner meaning of life, that he once searched for while at India.The rest is history. From ipad to ipod, he revolutionized the world. He lived a life which is worth a biographical movie.

Ashton Kutcher is very convincing on his portrayal of Steve Jobs. From the overall appearance to the minute  physical mannerisms, Ashton totally nailed it to near perfection.While I’m one of those few who has liked the movie, I wont say its a classic. Its a pretty decent affair which is beautifully captured , accompanied  with top notch acting  from the whole cast. If you haven’t watched the movie, find it out yourself.Cheers.

My Rating : 7.5