All the president’s men(1976)



This is one of my all time favorites and the best political thriller i have ever seen.Period.

All the president’s men have Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford as two journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, with The Washington post investigating on the Watergate Scandal.Directed by Alan.J.Pakula, this film is an adaptation of a book of the same name.This is an absolute thriller fueled by powerful performances from Redford and Hoffman.

Its interesting to watch how Carl and Bob unfold the inner loops of the Watergate scandal.They begin with a scratch on the surface and end up digging out the shocking and confidential conspiracy within the White house, involving the men closely related to the President. Characterization of  Bob’s anonymous source acknowledged the “Deep throat” , is a class act.The film maintains the suspense element throughout, without even fading for a moment.And its remarkable that the film doesn’t showcase any murder or murder attempts or a shootout or even a threatening phone call and yet does not fail to enthrall your senses.Now that’s  something.

I can’t picture anyone else for  the roles of Carl and Bob.No one else would have fit so perfectly.A very natural performance by the legends.While watching the film, i felt like i was with them busting my ass,  investigating the scandal.Their excitement  filled me up too.Not many characters have this ability to communicate with the viewer.Bravo!!

My Rating: 9/10