Warrior(2011)…not just another fight movie..


I bet you all have watched and enjoy watching fight movies.Now most of us watch it for the cool and bloody fight scenes in the movie.We are entertained.But how many of those films have created an impact on you , that it keeps you thinking about it.Or how many of those films you  go back and watch again.Not many , right?

But Warrior is not just another fight movie.It’s much more than that.It’s an emotionally gripping and heartbreaking story about  the relationship of two brothers.They make you think, they make you cry and they make you realize there is always love at the end of a fight.I personally can watch this movie again and again.I just watched it again this morning in HBO.Trust me it didn’t bore me even for a second ,and that is watching it for ,i don’t know, i’ve watched this film too many times.Still gripping and still makes me cry like a baby.And i love that.Its a beautiful feeling.

This film is the best example that you don’t need a ground breaking storyline to create a heart breaking film.Its all about creating moments that can dissolve the viewers into it.Its all about having that magic to tug at one’s heartstrings.Warrior is just that film.

Warrior is so beautifully directed by Gavin O’Connor. I haven’t watched any of his other works  nor do have i heard of him before.But hats off to this man.This is a masterpiece.I am sure you have it in you.Expecting more of it from you.

About the fight scenes, they are smartly choreographed.Its a bit violent and bloody, but that makes it feel real.Good work on that.

And no film is good unless it has some breathtaking performances from its cast.Each artist has given out a convincing performance.Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton act as brothers in the film and the talented Nick Nolte as their father, a recovering alcoholic.The film beautifully depicts the struggling relationship between  each of the brothers and their once- irresponsible father.Nick Nolte’s act as a father trying to make it right, earned him his third academy nomination.Tom Hardy as the younger brother, has also given out a heart touching performance.But Joel’s act as Brendan Conlon, the elder brother has to be my favorite.Brendan is a high school teacher and a struggling family guy, trying to make the ends meet.He faces the danger of getting his home foreclosed due to mortgage re-financing to pay for his younger daughter’s surgery.Meanwhile Tommy Riordan, the younger brother is an ex-marine and is desperately in need of money to help the family of his fallen friend in the service.So they both enters a MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) competition where the winners takes home a whopping  $5000000.In the final match the brothers meet each other and Brendon makes Tommy tap and wins the match.This fight scene is one of the best i have ever seen.I am not talking about the technicality of the fight, but its emotional content.So much things happen in this fight.How Brendon cares for his younger brother can wet your eyes.Brendon even apologizes to Tommy and says he love him.Two estranged brothers are reconciled after this fight, as their father looks upon and smile as if the victory is his.And we are touched and as I said there is always love at the end of a fight.Sometimes we need to fight it out to realize the deep lying love in our hearts..

My Rating: 9